VICA Resume 1

VICA – Vic’s International Consulting Agency Resume

Various Navy and Marine Activities under the Cognizance of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific. Area of contract coverage is Pacific Basin and Indian Ocean Areas. APO (Accountable Property Officer) for all NAVFAC Fuel Depots in Pacific. I was Responsible for both personal and real property. I had access to NAVFAC Private Internet. I used the Real Property, GIS, and Utilities applications on a regular basis. I have a combined 42 years of working in the Pacific for Navy Contractors, FLC Pearl and DLA Energy Pacific. I had access to all Real property and project applications in DLA’s EBS (Enterprise Business Systems).
Demonstrated qualifications for engineering services, including studies, design, cost estimating, troubleshooting, etc.,  to perform the following work:
(a) Investigate condition, troubleshoot operational problems, and recommend/design corrective actions related to petroleum systems; and prepare project documentation, designs and cost estimates;
Maintenance Forman and Facility Manager for FISC Pearl Fuel Dept. (largest storage in DoD) – Supervised up to 35 tradesmen (liquid fuels welders, pipefitters, electricians, electronic controls) – Designed /Built/Implemented and Maintained Maintenance Management System (Initially helped train NAVFAC personnel), AFHE(automatic fuel handling SCADA system, and GIS (geographical Information System). Managed over $100 million in projects during close to 40 years at Pearl FLC.
(b) Replace/repair deteriorated tanks and level control systems;
Installed/repaired/replaced various types of tank level control systems. As Maintenance Foreman cleaned/inspected and repaired fuel tanks.
(c) Replace/upgrade deteriorated fuel pipelines, filters, control valves, pumps, and pantographs;
Inspected/repaired/replaced pipelines, filters, control valves, pumps
(d) Remove tank sludge and contaminated soil;
Removed tank sludge after tank cleaning
(e) Replace/upgrade fuel control systems;
Designed /Built/Implemented and maintained various AFHE systems at Jacksonville, Pearl, and Guam FLC’s
(f) Perform API 653 tank inspections and reports and tank cleaning for preparation of inspection;
Had API 653 training and performed tank cleaning for preparation of inspection
(g) Truck loading and unloading;
Inspected/repaired/replaced piping, pumps, filters, and load rack Scully systems
(i) Assessment and repair of corrosion protection systems;
Took Cathodic protection Training and performed soil-to-pipeline, bonding station, sacrificial anode and rectifier readings
(j) Fuel distribution system planning;
Lead for writing PWS (Performance Work Statement) for Pearl Harbor Fuel Distribution System.
(k) API 570 piping inspection.
Had API 570 training and helped perform pressure tests for pipelines
Hydrogeological Modeling;
Managed AMEC Fate and Modeling Program for Pearl FLC – Operated 3D software and could input perimeters to see if soil would naturally mitigate fuel release or predict time it will take fuel to reach aquifer.
Spill prevention/response planning and management;
Managed TEC Ground water Study for Red Hill. I suggested extra monitoring wells. I also came up with idea to insert monitoring equipment in existing 3 core holes under each tank. I initiated original R&D leak detection study of Red Hill tanks. Familiar with the various types of leak detection systems used in red Hill
Underground storage tanks (USTs) assessment and management plans;
As Program analyst at DLA came up with a proposal to manage OOS (Out-of-service) Tanks for the Pacific region

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