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Presently providing Fuel expertise for A-E plans for Fuel Farms in the Pacific Rim Region.Retired from DoD in May 2014 and looking for POL project work in the Pacific.How can I help your company? If you are doing any Fuel projects or recurring maintenance paid by DLA, I may able to help your company with my 40 plus years of working at DLA Fuel facilities. I was the Pearl Supply Center’s facility manager, real property manager for fuel related real property for the Pacific and Program Management Analyst for DLA Pacific.  I have 45 years of experience related to a the Red Hill Fuel facility and have traveled to many of the facilities in the Pacific. I am presently performing consulting work as an Independent Contractor (I could definitely help a company that does Audit for DoD real property) – not looking for benefit package. I am willing to travel on projects for 1 to 2 months at a time. Ideal work would allow me to telework from anywhere in the world where I can access a high speed corporate network. I am “Cloud” ready, expert on Adobe Connect & MS SharePoint & Communicator. I have many contacts in Hawaii and the Pacific Region, particularly, Thailand and Laos.

Managed over $100 million in fuel related projects at Pearl Harbor Fuel Complex. Expert on Red Hill Fuel Tanks, Pipelines and Tunnels. 40 years of SCADA (Automatic Fuel Controls and Data Acquisition) systems experience. Here is a link to learn more about this facility:

Specialties: Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software (Oracle Database) – Expert – (Developed and built the Location and Equipment Hierarchy for Guam and Pearl Harbor Fuel Depots along with adding content to all the other Modules)
SCADA Software – Intermediate to expert depending on application – Installed hardware and interfaced software for fuel, water and security systems
GeoMedia Pro – Intermediate – Managed and built Geographical Information System FISC Pearl
Microsoft SharePoint – Adobe Connect

Tank 5 Relevant Red Hill Fuel Infrastructure Consultant Background Qualifications:

1972 – 1985
• Contactor who designed, installed and maintained Red Hill Tank Telemetry System
• Contractor who designed installed and maintained the AFH&PCS – Automated Fuel Handling and Pollution Control System for Red Hill Fuel Distribution System
1985 – 2009
• Facility Manager and Management Analyst for Red Hill Fuel Distribution System
• Managed all Fuel Distribution Systems including the present AFHE – Automated Fuel Handling Equipment System and MTG – Mass Tank Gauging System
• Managed RH GIS – Geographical Information System
• Managed Maximo – Fuel Asset Information Management System
• Managed Red Hill Leak detection R&D – Research and Development Projects
• Managed many NAVFAC and SPWAR contracts including TEC’s contract for RH site Investigation and Risk Assessment
• Initiated a project through TEC’s to equip existing borings under tanks with vapor monitoring capabilities
• Managed AMEC’s Fate and Transport Risk Assessment Modeling software which was provided at a cost to the Navy
• Advised Senators Akaka’s office on RH leak detection initiatives
2009 – 2010
• APO – Accountable Property Officer for 72 DLA – Defense Logistics Agency sites in the Pacific AOR – Area of Responsibility
• SME – Subject Matter Expert for all Real Property at Navy Fuel Sites in the Pacific
2010 – 2014
• DLA Energy Pacific Program Management Analysis
• Analyzed Pacific OOS – Out of Service Tank Program
• Analyzed significant Inventory losses for Red Hill from July 2007 to July 2010
• Advised management on issues that need to be addressed related to Red Hill Tank 5 fuel release

Upon request the following Documents are available;

Leak Detection Proof of Concept –All documentation specifically developed for RH Tanks:

  • PATH OF A FLUID JET FROM A VERTICAL ORIFICE – Confidential white paper
Leak Detection History

Leak Detection History

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