2019 Korat, Thailand Football Tourney 7

Tourney Date 1 to 7 May, 2019  

Tournament Rules

Tournament Maps

Cost – $5,000 USD  – (electronic transfer of funds)

Last Day to Register is 24 March 2019

All players must be their respective ages in the year the tournament is held. Each team allowed 24 players on roster.

O45/50/55 Division – Goalie born 1974 or earlier

    3 players on pitch born 1974 or earlier – 3 Ea O45

    4 players on pitch born 1969 or earlier – 4 Ea O50

    3 players on pitch born 1964 or earlier – 3 Ea O55

Football Schedule

O60/65/70 Division – Goalie born 1959 or earlier

    3 players on pitch born 1959 or earlier – 3 Ea O60

    4 players on pitch born 1954 or earlier – 4 Ea O65

    3 players on pitch born 1949 or earlier – 3 Ea O70

USA A Team wins O60’s with 2-1 win

All games played at Korat Professional Swat Cats premium venue. Beautiful all grass field with full use of Stadium

Kantary Hotel – (Breakfast included) – 24-man squad 2 sharing a room (12 rooms) – we can make special arrangements for those who want room upgrades – everyone rated this one of the best hotel experiences in a Thai soccer Tourney

Link to Kantary Hotel

If you want a team bus for transport from Bangkok hotel to Kantary and return – we can arrange for $15 per person ($30 round trip) if we have enough players who want to use this service.

Contact Ricky at reboxx71@gmail.com to order full kits at $35 each – jersey, shorts, socks with Logos and Name (team  and player name on jersey) – Bia Sport need 8 week notice. We can also provide Training Tops with name and number as an alternate Kit for $15. Polo shirts with team Logo’s go for $25.

Here is a link to restaurants, nightlife and other fun activities to plan your trip to Korat: http://www.whatsonkorat.com/index.php

Korat City Map

Game Rules:

Games are 40 mins each half with 10-minute water breaks

No slide tackling…. depending on how many teams confirm – 2 games in the morning and 2 games mid evening

Morning kick off 11am.      Mid eve. Kick off 5pm.

Each team will rotate to play a morning game and evening game…Also each team will have a rest day.

Zero tolerance on any abuse or fighting 1 red card your comp is over

We also have massages and physio. For strapping up. Also, at every game will have ambulance and first aid.

Social Calendar

Thu May 2: Gala Dinner – 7-8 pm
1: Introduction on V.I.P Speaker
2: All teams introduced
2: Buffet – Food from all over the world
3: Thai dancers
4: Auction Sport memorabilia – proceeds to local orphanage
5: Teams sing a song Party until 12 O’clock

Fri May 3: Football Night Out.
1. Transport Departs 6.30pm
2. Story’s Club & Bar
3. Free snacks and music.

Sat May 4: Restaurant Night
1. Free day

Sun May 5: Football clinic – 3pm
1. We are asking for players to support us in this the children are really excited that they will get to meet you
its not hard work as the Thai teams will take the lead I will sort out the drills for them to do 1.30 mins At the
end photos and hand out of gifs from the money raised at the Auction.
2. Monkey Bar free food night out in korat.
3. Transport leaves 5pm

Mon May 6: FINAL DAY
1. At the field presentation’s for 3-4 play offs and the grand finals of the over 60 and over 50.
2. Everybody direct from the finals taken to the Mall.
3. Pool party at the Mall food on sale 300bht a meal.
4. Beer 90bht a glass. The pool party is for everybody to relax eat drink and enjoy.

Fun Day Golf link

Please contact Ricky if you want to go golfing.  Cost 3,000 baht per person

Gun Range link

Please contact Ricky if you want to go to shooting range! Cost 3,000 baht per person

Every Day is Lady’s Day Specials

Lady’s Day: SPA and Shopping 2 hour Thai message with an hour foot massage –  Transport and lunch 2.500 baht  – FULL BODY SKRUP + Aroma 2 hour 3000 baht with transport and lunch… The lady’s can have this any day they want..but must confirm one day in advance so we can book beds – we can set this up as many days as you want!

Gala Diner and Auction Night

At 7PM on 2 May you may want to participate in Auction to raise money for a school that takes care of Orphans –  about 60 kids of mixed age. Looking for teams to bring donations of any type of sports memorabilia. Both the Auction and Gala Diner will start at 7PM at the  Kantary Hotel.   At 4PM on 4 May after Golf and shooting we are asking for players to volunteer help with the clinic for kids witch will be led by Ricky Muir.

In order to help you and your players plan trip, we tried to clarify what is provided in your Team Registration Fee and what each player can plan to spend out of pocket. Some will spend more and some less. Here is an estimate of costs:

Player Costs

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7 thoughts on “2019 Korat, Thailand Football Tourney

  • Alan Froud

    We have only recently learned of your tournament for 2019 and would not be able to organise a team in time for the May tournament. We would like to enter a team in the Over 60/65/70 division next year (2020). I would be grateful if you could confirm that you will be conducting a similar tournament in 2020 and let us know the dates of the competition.

    Canberra Old Boys
    Canberra ACT Australia

  • Ricky

    Thank you to all who took part in the korat cup. I hope it went well for you..In march 2020 There will be another i will be looking at 50 and 60 age groups again But also adding a ladys group.ages to be …..Confirmed.In May 2020 there will be a senior world cup dates not fixed yet with a an open 30-35-40 senior 45-50-55..masters..55-60-70.

      • Ricky


        I am Ricky the Director of Siam International Football Competitions.

        After the great success of the KORAT Seniors International Competition held in Thailand in May 2019, we will be holding the Amateur Veterans Football World Cup in Mauritius 2020.

        Whilst still in the secondary planning stages we are looking for teams to enter from Canada & Italy. We currently have interest from Scotland, England, Thailand, India, Dubai,

        We will be holding an over 50’s & 60’s competition , with a squad of 20 players, there will be a minimum of 16 teams for the competition. The tournament will be affiliated with The Mauritius Football Association

        Dates will be confirmed shortly, however, target dates are Mid May or Late Aug 2020.

        As the location has excellent football facilities and is a 5 star tourist location we will be inviting Teams, supporters and families to this World Cup.

        Within the coming months a video of the full tournament will be available, along with entrance fees and confirmed dates.

        Is this competition something your country would be interested in entering a football team?

        I would be grateful for a reply.

        Thank you very much for taking time to read this


        Ricky Muir


        Kind Regards,

  • Vivek Naick

    Thanks to the organiser of Siam International and especially Mr Ricky for organisig Korat cup 2019.
    It was a marvellous welcome till the first day to the last.Hope to see you next year in Mauritius 7