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Football (Soccer) – I have been organizing adult football since my days in Las Vegas from 1970 to 1981. Permanently moved to Hawaii in 1981 and immediately got involved in soccer joining the Strikers O30’s. We had no leagues except the O30’s for us older guys and we had a team from Canada visit us wanting to play men O50 (most of them were around 60). I put 4 teams together and we lost every game by a wide margin. The Canadians invited us to an O45 tourney in New Zealand so I organized the Aloha United Football Club in 2001. Since that first tournament we have traveled to Australia, Europe and Thailand. Aloha played in the US Nationals O55 and we came in second place. We have been second place in several US Nationals O60 but have never been able to get the Championship, but more importantly have made a lot of new friends from all over the world.

In 2007 we look are first trip to Thailand and were hooked.  We participated in the O38 Senior Cup and now every Dec 5th we participate in the newly formed King’s O60 Cup. Thailand is a great host! They had 8 teams at the O38 Senior Cup with each team getting 500 cheerleaders from the local schools. Police escorts in modern double-decker buses. They replicate the real world cup – just awesome!!!

I’m presently 0rganizing a few games for men O50 in Prathai and Bua Yai Thailand 

Every January I help organize the Mayors Cup in Hawaii for men O50, O60 and O65:

Aerials of waipioAerials stadium waipio

JANUARY 14-17, 2016 –           22  FIELDS, AND A 4000-SEAT STADIUM


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