Retirement in Prathai, Thailand


Purpose of this page is to explain my vision of life in a small developing area in Thailand. I plan to use Blogs to document lifestyle and cost of living in the Issan area of Thailand.  Life is slow and quiet unlike pace in Bangkok. If you are looking for bar girls, this lifestyle is not for you. Most places are closed by 10PM and locals are up with sun – it is hard to avoid hearing soothing Thai music blaring over someone’s music amplifiers by 7 to 8 AM in the morning. If you are in a small town or village you will hear local announcements over public loudspeakers. This is a sample of what I will be covering in future Blogs. Blogs will include pictures and maps with Geo-referencing of local sites. If you want to experience the local culture to see if this type of retirement is in your future, my Thai family will prepare you meals or teach you to cook local style. You want to go fishing, shopping at local market, or tell me what you want to experience? I can get you driver or maybe you want to look at buying land or build a house. I do not provide legal advise, but can get you lawyer.

new house


Slides show improvements made in the past two years as of Oct 2014. Had to bring in dirt to prevent flooding of new house and had to add dirt and raise old house 2 feet. Installed a roof to provide dry area for cooking and dining during heavy rains. New house is 600 sq feet divided into 3 rooms with air conditioning, internet and True satellite TV (get approx 30 to 40 english speaking stations).

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