Nevada Test Site

More work history – due to my age and young age of my kids, decided to document some of the hi-lights of my career. At 25 years old started working on special projects at the Nevada Test Site. Had to get a Q-Clearance so I could work in the area where they build Nuclear bombs for testing. This clearance is higher than top secret – allows access to Nuclear! Our base pass used a card holder which was scanned for radioactivity before leaving Test Site. We installed a security system that was remotely monitored about 50 miles away. Helped develop new infrared technology that is now common in present day automated hardware that turn on lights or alarms when someone intrudes in the coverage area. We transmitted a signal to a large passive reflector which we built on top of a mountain and relayed live video to a communications tower we built at a site close to the famous Area 51. I enjoyed the challenge of working at heights (good money). I have many stories from this experience – saw unbelievable nighttime aerial flight practice with live bombing. Also, EPA had a farm for testing effect of radiation on animals. Scientists would take samples right out of one of the steers bellies! In those days Howard Hughes was alive in Vegas – it is said that Hughes owned 5%, the Federal Gov’t 80% and the rest got 15% of the great state of Nevada.