Korat Football Tournament Rules


The Tournament Director will have jurisdiction over all games played. All disputes will be resolved by the Tournament Director or designated representative.


Coaches are responsible for the eligibility of their players. All players must show proof of age with picture ID on Passport, Drivers License or Country ID Card. Tournament personnel will issue player passes before player admitted of pitch. Please send electronically if possible – include picture that could be used to make Player pass to reboxx71@gmail.com


All players must be their respective ages in the year the tournament is held. Each team allowed 24 players on roster.

O45/50/55 Division – Goalie born 1974 or earlier

       3 players on pitch born 1974 or earlier – 3 Ea O45

       4 players on pitch born 1969 or earlier – 4 Ea O50

       3 players on pitch born 1964 or earlier – 3 Ea O55

O60/65/70 Division – Goalie born 1959 or earlier

       3 players on pitch born 1959 or earlier – 3 Ea O60

       4 players on pitch born 1954 or earlier – 4 Ea O65

       3 players on pitch born 1949 or earlier – 3 Ea O70

An older player can replace a younger player on the field if you do not have enough young players. We recommend a team composition of 6 young, 8 middle and 6 older players for total of at least 20 players.

Players may not register on more than one team in each age group. If a team uses players deemed to be ineligible, that team shall forfeit all games in which the ineligible players participated.

The Home Team shall change Jerseys when there is a color conflict. The team listed first on the schedule of games is the Home Team for example, A verses B, A is the Home Team.

The Team Roster Form shall be properly completed and presented to the referee at the start of each game listing the names and numbers of each player whether present or not.  Team rosters shall be frozen at the end of the first game of the tournament.


Coaches shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and are responsible for the conduct of their players and supporters. Coaches shall encourage clean competition, good sportsmanship and abide by the rules of the tournament. Coaches may provide positive tactical coaching. Negative comments or complaints against any players, coaches, spectators or officials will not be tolerated.

MANDATORY Coaches Meeting to review rules and rosters will be held at Kantary Hotel on evening of 1 May. The social portion of the meeting will start at 7:00pm. The business portion of the meeting will start promptly at 7:30pm.


All officials shall be certified and shall impose the FIFA Laws of the Game and rules of the Tournament, including the following:

  1. There shall be no slide tackling. A yellow card shall be given for the infraction and the team fouled awarded an indirect kick. Player with yellow card must sit out 10 minutes, he can be replaced by another player.
  2. There shall be unlimited free substitutions at the stoppage of any play provided players wishing to substitute shall be at the halfway line with player pass prior to the stoppage of play.

All games shall be officiated using the three-person diagonal system consisting of one center referee and two referee assistants on the touch lines. Referees must file a written report at the end of each game noting any actions requiring red or yellow cards.

Players receiving a red card or two yellow cards in the same game will be ejected and not be eligible for participation in the next scheduled game. Should an ejected player participate in the next scheduled game, the game will be forfeited, and the player barred from participating in the remaining games of the tournament Each team must turn-in their roster to the referee prior to the start of each game.


All games shall be played on fields designated by the Tournament Director. Duration of the games shall be 40-minute halves with water break after 20 minutes and halftime of 10 minutes.


Winners are the teams with the greatest number of points awarded as follows:

6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 0 points for a loss, 1 point for each goal scored up to 3 goals, 1 point for a shutout.

If there is a tie here are the tie-breakers in the order in which they are listed:

(1) Head to Head play

(2) Goal Difference (Goals for to a maximum of three (3) goals per game minus Goals against)

(3) Fewest Goals Allowed

(4) Coin Toss

Championship games which are tied at the end of regulation play shall proceed to two 10-minute sudden death overtime periods.   In the event no team scores in the overtime periods the game shall be decided by penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.

Korat-Cup-Roster-2019.pdf (56 downloads)        https://get.adobe.com/reader/      You need Free Adobe PDF Reader in order to download and fill form

Feel free to download following roster form – should be able to fill-in form and print out before tourney:

Korat Cup Roster 2019

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