Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging – I have been taking Youngevity Health Products since turning 50. I had L4/5 back problems and Doctors wanted to operate during my late forties. I was told I couldn’t have anymore children during my forties and Doctor’s wanted to put a prostatic in my knee saying I would never play football again. Within 1 year of taking Youngevity Products my back recovered and I still rarely have problems. Also, had my first boy at 65 and still playing football at age 67! Take 90 for Life products daily.

YoungeveityBeyond-Osteo-fxUlt-Tangy-TangerineCocoGevity-PlusTangy Tangerine-canister

The only company to have an FDA Health Claim.

You read that correctly. Youngevity enjoys an FDA Health Claim through its founding partnership with Dr. Wallach. Only a handful of Authorized Health Claims have been fully vetted by the FDA process.

I have adjusted my approach to healthy living as I age. Healthy aging has to be “A way of Life” until the end! Exercise everyday at least 20 to 30 minutes or more. A short walk or bicycle ride when you can’t get in a good workout. Eat wealthy “live food” – love meat but rarely eat red meat – fish almost every day and some chicken. Eat till satisfied – never stuff yourself especially at night! Study something everyday to keep your mind sharp and stay engaged with friends and family. An active sex life should be added to your daily routine. A good Thai massage can get the blood flowing! Finally, remember to join me at My 90 for Life for a “Holistic” supplement approcah to your diet.


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