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Let me introduce myself: My name is Victor Peters and I started working on Red Hill Tank projects as contractor from 1972 to 1985. I was hired as a Civil Servant by the RH Fuel Department in 1985 and in 2009 was promoted to a position at DLA Pacific Headquarters. I have over 40 years’ experience working and developing instrumentation systems for the Red Hill Tanks. The following is a link to a recent interview with KITV revealing issues related to the Tank 5 fuel release:


I have read all the comments posted to the EPA website. I authored the following 2 documents which were sent to the EPA during the comment period for the proposed EPA RH AOC – EPA has never contacted me for further explanation:!documentDetail;D=EPA-R09-UST-2015-0441-0454!documentDetail;D=EPA-R09-UST-2015-0441-0453


It is very frustrating to find that no one has the political will to challenge the Navy’s tactic of obfuscating the truth by being evasive, unclear, and obscure in the telling of the facts related to the RH Fuel leak and the importance of the RH storage facility. Current management at Red Hill does not have the institutional knowledge or expertise to properly analyze the data from Tank No. 5. I have put together a team of experts that have over 130 years of working with the instrumentation in the RH Tanks. We are all retired and still healthy enough to analyze not only Tank 5 put all the tanks for leak detection. Over the past 40 plus years we have developed detailed profiles on each tank which would take years for another company to replicate. All we need is the raw database form the RH AFHE (Automatic Fuel Handling Equipment). If this has been lost by the Navy, we still have the ability to analyze the tanks but it will be more time consuming for we may have to install additional hardware in the tanks and this would cost much more. After working in this facility as a contractor and a civil servant, I can tell from experience that there is an adversarial relationship between RH contractors and the Navy so we would need an intermediary with the power to expedite getting access to appropriate data and tanks.


We have to ask the question; why hasn’t the Navy, EPA or SOH contacted us?

Past Naval Fuel Officers can confirm our qualifications (most of them are now retired):


Pearl Harbor Fuel Directors – 1990’s to 2008

Todd Chipman

Thomas Gorman

John Santo Salvo

Brian Knott

David Higgins

Don Oubre


Pearl Fuels Staff Civil Engineers

Alex Kohnen

Spiro Chris Colaitis

Jennifer Tetatzin

Rich Whipple

Michael Singleton


Pearl Fuel Interns

Brad Bellis

Scott Brubaker

Bob Miller


Supply Naval Captain

Jeff Wagner


We are men who care about Hawaii and of course even at our age would like to prove we still can add value to this situation before it is too late to make a difference.

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